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Delivering interactive & immersive virtual event services

Employee Engagement.png
Employee Engagement

Internal communications is no longer focused on simply distributing a message, but rather progressing to deliver digitally enabled content for employee engagement across the global enterprise. provides a high quality and robust integrated suite to achieve this objective  . From CEO town hall / sales kick off / training delivered to thousands of employees simultaneously to engaging them with live Q&A , polls and surveys we ensure quality delivery resulting in highly engaged and connected employees.

Virtual Product Launch.png
Virtual Product Launch

Our powerful virtual event solutions allow you to launch your product in style. Use our interactive tools to educate visitors about your new product and get the conversation going with features like chat forums, webinars, polls and videos available on-demand. You can incorporate rich content, engage visitors with an easy to use virtual environment accessible from any device and most importantly also measure the ROI of your event. Our immersive environments enable you to showcase and unveil the product in its 3D form getting it closest to reality.

Virtual Conference.png
Virtual Conferences

Much like in-person conferences, virtual conferences are built around a live, complex agenda that includes keynotes, sessions, breakouts, and more. offers effective solutions, from simple webinars to virtual environments that create an immersive event experience to emulate a physical conference with event spaces. Our powerful engagement tool allows physical audience members to engage in a two-way conversation with both the presenter and virtual audience in real time! 

Opening Ceremony.png
Opening Ceremonies

Combining our expertise of being a global leader in managing in-person groundbreaking and factory inauguration ceremonies, with our virtual event platform, we can plan, manage and deliver your opening ceremony in a hybrid or a virtual format. Whether you are singing a MOU for new investment or opening your factory, the workflow can include all invitees joining in virtually, along with speakers delivering their address, VIP performing the ceremony, invitees touring the factory and global leaders addressing the media on the sidelines of the event.

Interactive Booth.png
Interactive Booths provides an interactive and immersive booth experience. You can empower your exhibitors to promote their products via custom virtual booths. Use our highly configurable dashboard to enable exhibitors to customize their space and showcase their unique offerings at a company tech-fest or customer meet. With booths placed all across the virtual exhibition landscape, allow visitors to easily navigate through their options and ensure a near-physical booth experience for them through high-resolution exhibitor avatars and carefully designed booths in an exceptionally easy-to-use environment.

Social events.png
Social Events


​This pandemic has put a stop to all social events. By using the power of technology with you can be rest assured of continuing and fulfilling your wishes of getting married, celebrating your anniversary or simply throwing a birthday party. Our virtual and hybrid solutions ensure your wedding is well planned and delivered to your guests globally. From digital invitations, decorating your wedding venue to producing and privately & securely broadcasting it live to your guests socialbydistance can make it all happen. You can also throw a virtual after-party for all your guests and we can coordinate celebrity singers or bands to entertain them. 

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